Sing Every Day (even if you can't sing)

Over the next few months I will be utilizing this web site with a hope of attaining some very specific goals. So for the next few weeks or so this site is a bit under construction and may be a bit difficult to navigate, or things may change as development continue. Content is starting to look good. So please come back to check on our progress.  However I think there is enough here for you to explore. .

Initially, I began this process to create a conduit to share my music with the world. I shall continue on that endeavor and will begin to post snippets of my music on the site with a few liner notes for each song presented.

Approximately two years ago I embarked on a plant based, dietary lifestyle. Please do not equate it with vegan or vegetarian as a small percent (approximately 10 to 15%) of my weekly caloric intake does include some chicken and or fish (more on this later). I will offer some thoughts, insights, opinions and relevant links, so that should you desire,  you may explore the pros and cons, the why's and why not's, and some personal tips to possibly taking control of your overall health

As an individual who has taken a path of science over fantasy and being a Bright and dismissing the supers as a true impediment to our future well-being, I will post  a few thoughts  that I am sure will create discussion and challenging dialog. Should be fun. If you are not sure what a bright or a super is, simply click on the highlighted links.

Our world has become a technology driven machine which has huge positives and upsides, as well as some very strong downsides that are impacting us, our friends, associates and families. The heart of the matter is seldom discussed and is oft overlooked as it relates to our own personal and global economic health. "The times they are a changing"

Lastly, I have created a pet peeve post that I will use to throw out some unbridled , uncensored opinions that will be sure to roil the masses. Yeah.

Sing Every Day (even if you can't sing)


Sing Every Day (even if you can't sing)


I am in the process of laying down (recording) all of my original material. It is a long arduous process that will take many weeks to reach full fruition. As I finalize and master these compositions,  I promise I will get them out to you.

Here you will have access to all of my music posted through SoundCloud. In addition I will provide a quick link to each song that includes a synopsis of the essence behind the music.... some pics of the recording process... instruments and contributors and some unique liner notes about each song. You will also be able to post your comments and become a bona fide music critic.


'ciao with love.....

Sing Every Day (even if you can't sing)