About Rist

Sing Every Day (even if you can't sing)


While the website "ristsongs.com" is just OK from a graphic and website design (i.e. not very dynamic or super glitzy) it is 100% built and created by me.  Yes,  it is all mine and it gets my message and thoughts out to the world. I am the WEBMASTER , administrator, tech support and chief bottle washer. And if you think long and hard about it,,, that's pretty friggin cool. Just a tiny bit of curiosity, research and skill, can get you to the point where can broadcast your messages out to gay seznamka nezamyslice THE WHOLE WORLD.. WOW. (doesn't mean anyone is listening to your dumb broadcast)

WHO........ just some guy who loves music, art, science, literature, and tries to spend a portion of each day touching at least one of the "arts and sciences" in an in-depth facet.

WHAT....... "ristsongs.com" is my way of communicating with the rest of the world. Spreading the word of truth, peace, justice and the American way. Or not.......

WHEN. Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid....

WHERE. Right here

HOW. By opening lines of communication about topics and specific thoughts both near and far, to and from our hearts. Here we can create a place where there are no TRIGGER WARNINGS, where it is OK to be  Politically  incorrect. A place where you can come to listen to my original musical compositions and be brutally honest with me and the rest of the world. A place where you can come, to be challenged and assuaged, upset and calmed, vilified and (virtually) hugged, demonized and sainted, all in less than 10 minutes.

In closing it is very interesting to note that while the word rist is derived from the first two letters of my first and last name, there does exist an English definition and a few translations:

rist: in English, is the 3rd person singular present of Rise contracted from riseth

rist: in Norwegian, translates to; quake, quiver, tremor, etc.

rist: in German; back of the hand

rist: in Estonian; cross ( as to traverse, interbreed, intersect).

It is indeed a very interesting time to be alive.

'ciao with love.....

Sing Every Day (even if you can't sing)