Science Fantasy I

Sing Every Day (even if you can't sing)

Wow, where do I start with this one.  My position on so many ideals and tenets that I once held so dear have vanished into thin air. Is it because I have become aware (like woke the f up), or it is purely by opening myself to alternate points of view (reading, studying),  it grants me the right to be in a position to call out the pure idiocy and supreme ignorance that is evident and gaining momentum? Probably not, but what the hey.

Take some time  and read about the history of your own ethnicity, your religion. I mean, really read. I was born into a "religion". That  means it was not a religion that, I as an educated person researched and decided, and said "this one's for me".  By reading  the history of our churches, and the history of the world from the early introduction of man to this planet,  to societal, scientific, religious and geopolitical  history from 0 BC to the present, and delving into the way individuals utilized, corrupted and manipulated tenets and creeds to benefit themselves and their families, you will (should, could) be made aware of how buying cytotec online it is so imperfect. It is Imperfect because it is conceived, designed, and built by us, mankind. And we are so flawed. Yep,  we are so flawed; under the right circumstances we will believe almost anything we are told. Could be people don't research anymore, or maybe they are performing the wrong type of research. If I had to guess, I don't know if I would pick the former or the latter. You?

When a well known where to buy dapoxetine in chennai evangelistic minister proclaims that is OK to  destroy any persons or society through nuclear annihilation; and he is not immediately defrocked and vilified there is something very, very wrong. Again, another WTF.

When the leader of the "free world" and his personal and political advisors and sheeple still support the " lunacrat"®, and continue to believe that building a wall is of the utmost importance and justifies spending over 40 billion of yours and mine tax dollars, WTF.

When an individual, religious or political group, states that a scientific fact is a "belief system" and that bold face facts are open to any interpretation, that is just foolish, and if you disagree with me, you know your foolish.

You cannot sit back and say god has made us and will protect us, you cannot sit back and let unvaccinated children die from preventable diseases. You cannot sit back and say the facts are open to interpretation while climate change is quickening the destruction of our planet. You cannot sit back and support others who spout lies, half truths and alternate facts...... There are no alternate facts, there is no such thing,,, alternate facts is synonymous with LIES.. nothing more... nothing less....... And when you question a person or groups' right to spout foolishness, they state their views are protect under the First Amendment. ( If you have never read the First Amendment  you really should, read what it says, do not  add words of you own, or someone else's interpretation, read only the words that are there. Read it  HERE).  It is a shame we do not have an amendment for Freedoom of Stupidity,,, it could really come in handy these days.

If these insane positions did not put the rest of us in jeopardy, I would shut my mouth and let Darwin's "Survival of the Fittest" take care of the problem. But unfortunately these clowns have the potential to harm all of us through their misunderstanding , lack of critical thinking, laziness and closed minded attitudes to logic, science and reality.

My positions and other who think similar as I, are not based on politics or emotion, but rather logic and economics, critical thinking and a dissection of the facts. Are we always right?... nope sorry, we are flawed humans as well, so give us a break once and awhile as we are just trying to do the right thing. I know for some of you reading this, logical thought and unemotional dissection of an issue is near impossible, and I have long ago turned you off, or rather, you me, but you should give it a try.

So how de we do it. How do we take the steps to reawaken our natural curiosity that somewhere along the way we lost. Some where along the way we lost the wondrous feeling of staying up long hours, discussing the meaning of life, and expanding our inner vision on topics far and near,  as we once did as teenagers and young adults. I guess, during those discussion we found the one right answer. Therefore open civil discussion is longer fruitful or even desirable and critical thinking is way overrated. Hmmm....

So lets read conflicting points of view, yes read,  together,  we don't to get our information spoon fed to us by some talking head whose only interest is selling us laundry soap, life insurance , erectile dysfunction meds, and medication for every illness and disease you did not even know you had until some asshole on a TV ad told you did.
And for goodness sakes, we do not get our information for making critical life decisions from Facebook. It is great for wishing aunt Betty happy birthday, because we are too friggin lazy to call her, or send her a card (woo big deal) and while it is really neat to see what our cousins, hipster asshole boyfriend in Oregon had for dinner at the bistro, we must not put any credence in Social media or almost any biased media ( yeah they are all biased to some degree, some more than others) to make a decision on anything,,  but hey if we actively seek a point of view that is different and ask what is it that I am missing (maybe nothing) but we must, I say must, be open to as many views as possible and make up our own minds, after serious research. Only then should we begin to create our own point of view.
I  realize that this may cause some folks to say "right on" others say "right off". If you are a "right off" and made it this far.. don't get or stay upset, celebrate that something held your attention for longer than 60 seconds. Ufffff.

My only request is that you join me. Knowing that by living a logical, secular humanistic life, you can have and create positive impact on your own, your children and families, wellbeing and lives. WE all still believe is helping our fellow man and having sympathy and empathy. Why is it so hard to believe that secular individuals can not be altruistic and believe in charity, love, hope and forgiveness? Religion does not have a monopoly on these terms. Nobody does. But if it helps you, so be it.

Thanks for coming along on this short ride with me. I have some links here for some great reading and I have listed a few books you may want to get at the library. Yes the library, if you don't know where it is, let me Google that for you.

I will let this out there for a few weeks and follow up with issue II in the near future. In the mean time send me an email at or write me a little note in the contact form below

'ciao with love

Maybe this outpouring should be titled Bright's versus Supers. check it out.

Sing Every Day (even if you can't sing)