Sing Every Day (even if you can't sing)

cytotec buy online Singular thoughts on Politics and the State of the Union.

If you did not vote in the last round of elections (local, state and national) and/or, you do not plan to vote in the upcoming 2018 election cycle, you have no right to open your mouth and complain, protest or offer an opinion regarding our current political/geo political situation. Keep your mouth shut.  You gave up the right to bitch the minute you decided to sit on your ass and just let the world happen.

Your excuse may be that:
You did not vote because you are a minority,(Democrat in a Republican area or vice versa) in your ward, district, county, or state. Therefore you are of the opinion your vote is worthless. You as well should just keep your mouth shut. The reason you are in a minority, is because you and the other mouth breathers in your community make it so.

If you did vote and plan to vote in the next round of elections, pick up your protest sign and exercise your right of free speech.

Remember "The Revolution will be Televised"

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Sing Every Day (even if you can't sing)